Thanks to personalized implants from Medicrea, surgeons now have the means to tackle problems associated with traditional methods of surgery through advanced technological developments, giving patients the greatest chance of recovery and a pain-free future.

Problems Associated with
Traditional Surgical Methods

Solutions Solved by
Cutting Edge Technology

Problems Associated with
Traditional Surgical Methods

Singular Expertise

Surgeons must rely solely on their own extensive training to operate in a self-sufficient manner.

Limited Surgical Planning

Analyzing standard imaging diagnostic procedures (x-rays, CT scans, and MRI) without the tools available through advanced software solutions can be a tricky task, even for the most experienced surgeon.

Rods Bent in the OR

Rod bending in the OR leads to increased surgical times, a greater risk of blood loss and higher chances of complications.

Notched Rods

Manually bent rods often result in notching, which is a known cause of implant failure and increases the likelihood for revision surgeries.

Solutions Solved by
Cutting Edge Technology

Scientific Collaboration

The UNiD Lab facilities collaborative efforts of surgeons, biomechanical engineers, and data scientists to consult the plans and results of surgeries across the world.

Precisely Planned For You

UNiD Rods are designed by your surgeon and a team of engineers to match your spinopelvic parameters and to ensure exact sagittal alignment.

Ready to Implant

Personalized spinal implants are precontoured and ready to implant without modification, saving time in the OR and reducing the risk of complications.

Smooth Rods

Precise and controllable manufacturing creates implants without introducing weak points, leaving patients with the best possible appearance and the highest chance of success.

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