Talking to your Surgeon
Your Path To Recovery, begins with a meeting with your Surgeon to determine if surgery is right for you. Your surgeon will ask questions, based on your preoperative imaging results, about your medical history and inquire about the issues that have led you to seek treatment.

This is also a great time to ask your doctor any questions you may have about surgery. After determining surgery is right for you, your doctor will send any x-rays, MRI, or CT images you have to the UNiD Lab for analysis.

Personalized Case Planning
The UNiD Lab’s biomedical engineers use sophisticated software to analyze your x-rays, determine your unique alignment, and compare your case to over 1,200 prior UNiD cases and counting. They then work with your surgeon to design a personalized case plan and implants using clinically-evidenced alignment algorithms.

Personalized Production
After final approval from your surgeon, your implants are produced using the latest technology. A precise and controllable manufacturing process creates personalized implants without introducing weak points, greatly lessening the risk of complications such as notching, a leading cause of rod fracture and breakage.

Your Surgery
Make sure to follow your doctor’s instructions leading up to surgery but otherwise relax: Your Personalized Spinal Implants arrive pre-contoured and ready to implant without modification, saving time in the OR and reducing the risk of complications.

Postoperative Recovery
Each patient’s recovery process is unique and will vary based on a number of factors. You will be taught the safest ways to go about daily life without putting added stress on the back while your body heals. Keeping the spine aligned correctly is important after surgery to ensure fusion in the alignment planned for you. This process usually takes about three months, but your bones will continue to mature and solidify for up to 18 months after surgery.

It is important to follow-up with your doctor as recommended and your alignment will be analyzed by your doctor and the UNiD Lab along the way to ensure your path to recovery is on the right track.

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